Ans.: You can directly buy JTS IntelliCAD from this website online store. License key and download links will be emailed immediately if the payment is successful.

Ans.: Yes, JTS IntelliCAD offers perpetual license for the purchased version. Upgrading to future versions is optional and there is no time limit for upgradation.

Ans.: Upgrade cost is $80 from any old JTS IntelliCAD version to latest available JTS IntelliCAD version. A valid JTS IntelliCAD license key is required for upgradation and the key remain same even after upgrade.

Ans.: JTS IntelliCAD supports below International Languages. Use UILANG sysvar to set your default language. You can also find this in Options Dialog -> Display Tab:

  • CHS
  • CHT
  • CSY
  • DEU
  • ENU
  • ESN
  • FRA
  • HRV
  • ITA
  • JPN
  • KOR
  • NLD
  • PLK
  • PTB
  • RUS
  • SRL
  • TRK

Ans.: Below are the system requirements:

  • * Windows Vista and above, make sure to update your Windows OS to latest available patch in its release.
  • * 64bit preferred to get best performance. 32bit version is supported upto JTS IntelliCAD 11.1
  • * 3GB RAM or above
  • * If a dedicated Graphics card available, make sure to update the drivers from manufacturer website

Ans.: You can shift JTS IntelliCAD license from one computer to the other by typing "LicenseTransfer" command in command prompt. You need to run the software as Administrator to release the license. In case of any system crash, formatting, you need to send an email from your registered email to "sales@truecad.com". No need to uninstall or reinstall the software for License Transfers and there is no limit on such transfers.

Ans.: No, once you buy the license it is yours and valid for life-time. We provide free email technical support. You need to pay only if you need upgrade to future version of JTS IntelliCAD.

Ans.: If you need any support, please submit a ticket on Support page of this website, we will send email reply as soon as possible. Support is free to all our Customers.

Ans.: As you can see in our videos and images, JTS IntelliCAD has a similar interface, commands, icons, dialogs, aliases etc. No special learning needed for existing AUTO-CAD users.

Ans.: JTS IntelliCAD comes with complete help for all commands and system variables. You can also find some video tutorials on our website. We have also included a detailed PDF document with complete information.

Ans.: You can view all 3D data available in your dwg/dxf file. You can create new models using our wireframe modeling tools. Please note that our 3D modeling is parametric and editing is not very user friendly.

Ans.: JTS IntelliCAD works natively in DWG and DXF file formats. We also support below file formats:

  • .dwg
  • .dxf
  • .dxb
  • .dwf
  • .dwt
  • .dgn
  • .dgnlib
  • .rdl
  • .cel
  • .dae
  • .pdf
  • .igs/.iges
  • .ste/.stp/.step
  • .obj
  • .stl
  • .sat
  • .dwg
  • .dxf
  • .dwt
  • .pdf 2D
  • .pdf 3D
  • .svg
  • .bmp
  • .wmf
  • .emf
  • .dwf
  • .stl
  • .igs/.iges
  • .ste/.stp/.step
  • .dae
  • .dgn
  • .sat

Ans.: IntelliCAD is a open source member driven Technology Consortium based in USA. Jytra Technology Solutions Private Limited, India is a commercial member of IntelliCAD and is the developer of JTS IntelliCAD based on IntelliCAD Engine.

Ans.: We generally release a major version each year like JTS IntelliCAD 11.1, JTS IntelliCAD 11.1 etc. Apart from these we do some maintenance releases in each version, say 11.1. All updates in a particular version are free to the purchased customers of that version.

Ans.: All our order execution processes are automatic, you should receive your email within minutes after successful payment. Please make sure to check your Spam folder for order delivery email from us. In some cases, the order execution will take upto 24 hours if there are any technical issues on our server.

Ans.: Though we try our level best to avoid bugs in software, but there could be some. We do not fix the bugs in same version, but will address them one of our future releases. No free upgrades applicable even if you find any bugs. Hence try the software first before buying.

Ans.: You can do this by two methods.
Option 1: Use Export PDF option and the dialog has several advanced options to export your drawing to PDF file.
Option 2: Use plot dialog and select PDF ptint.pc3 file and print to PDF file.

Ans.: You can do this by two methods.
Option 1: Use PDF Underlay option to insert PDF into your drawing as underlay. You can pick all snap points.
Option 2: Use file menu -> Import -> then select PDF format and import. You will get PDF elements as entities to drawing if they are supported.

Ans.: Yes, you can directly open AUTO-CAD DWG/DXF files in JTS IntelliCAD. No need of any file conversions and hence there is no data loss.

Ans.: If it is first time installation, JTS IntelliCAD will ask you to run it as Administrator, then it will show a dialog having Activate License Key. Enter your name, company name and license key for activation. If you want to convert Trial version to permanent license, simply type "KeyActivation" command inside JTS IntelliCAD command prompt.

Ans.: Just keep the toolbars wherever you wish and they will remain there even if you restart JTS IntelliCAD until you reset the default profile.

Ans.: Not available as of 11.1 version.

Ans.: Yes, most LISP functions will work directly inside JTS IntelliCAD. However, you need to make some minor changes to match JTS IntelliCAD LISP functions..

Ans.: No, VBA is not supported in JTS IntelliCAD. However, you can use VB.NET programs using API toolkit.

Ans.: API toolkit is available for needed users at no extra cost. Please write an email to "sales@truecad.com" to get our API toolkit.