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About TrueCAD 2019 Premium Software

TrueCAD is a 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling (Partial) CAD software meant for Engineers, Architects and other technical consultants. TrueCAD is a native DWG & DXF CAD software to create and edit drawings. TrueCAD uses IntelliCAD engine, Open Design Alliance DWG/DXF Libraries, ACIS 3D Modeling Kernel and many other Technologies. In-addition, TrueCAD has many add-on command, features and other Productivity Tools. TrueCAD CAD Software includes many other tools like Block Libraries (in the domains of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural, P &IDs etc.), Batch file converter, Units converter, PDF to DXF Converter, Image to DXF converter and many other productive tools. TrueCAD supports many other file formats like dgn, STL, OBJ, 2D PDF, SVG and many other file formats. All dwg/dxf versions from very old R2.5 to latest 2018 are supported.

TrueCAD interface is carefully designed for easy selection of commands without much difficulty. The interface and commands are very familiar for easy migration from other CAD Software. TrueCAD has complete range of 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling tools along with editing options. Artisan Render is also included in TrueCAD at no extra cost to create high quality renderings. TrueCAD can be operated in both modern Ribbon Style Interface and Classic Drop Down menu Styles. The interface, aliases and commands can be completely customized as per your requirements. Unlimited work spaces are supported inside TrueCAD.

TrueCAD 2019 Premium Key Benefits

Life Time Validity

TrueCAD drawing Software offers Full LifeTime Validity after purchasing the TrueCAD Software License. No need to pay annual subscriptions. Upgrades to future versions are optional.


TrueCAD users can develop their custom programs to work inside TrueCAD using .NET, SDS, LISP, DCL and C++ languages. API kit comes with many sample programs and solutions.


TrueCAD is now available with Artisan Professional Rendering package at no extra cost. Available with many rendering features like Photo-realistic rendering, 360° viewing, lights, materials etc. available.

Many ADD-ON Features

TrueCAD has many add-on features like Units converter, Open PDF to Edit, TrueCAD converter, Raster to Vector, Block Library with over 5000 symbols etc.

Value For Money

TrueCAD works on a collaborated development model with IntelliCAD & hence we offer our products at very low prices, which are perpetual and valid for life-time

Free Technical Support

TrueCAD drawing software has a dedicated Technical Support team who is responsible to handle any technical queries and address the problems in a quick time frame.


TrueCAD comes with a Block Library with over 5000 symbols in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and other domains. Double click any symbol and insert into your drawing.

Self License Transfer

TrueCAD drawing software offers Global Licensing on all its cad software versions. Licenses can be purchased any where and can be used anywhere in the World.

No Learning Curve

TrueCAD is easy to learn and use. TrueCAD incorporates a user interface, commands, icons and shortcuts similar to that used by the most popular CAD programs.

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TrueCAD 2019 Premium Product

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* All licenses are perpetual and valid for life-time.

* For online orders, soft copy and invoice will be generated immediately and will be emailed to you.


TrueCAD 2019 Premium Video


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TrueCAD 2019 Highlights

All New Interface, Icons and Toolbars
Artisan Professional Rendering Module
New TABLE Creating & Editing
New Hatch Dialog with Gradient Support
TrueCAD Block Libraries
New REFEDIT Dialog to select Nested Blocks
New Select Similar, Burst, Multi-leader Commands
New FIELD Dialog with several options
Added File Search Option in File Open
Export 2D PDF and .bmp files from drawing
Added more viewport controls for changing views & visual styles
New Express Tools Menu & Ribbon Tab
New GATTE Command to edit Group Attributes
New high resolution PDF Printer with Gradient Hatch Print support
Many new commands like AIDIMFILPARROW, TCASE, TEXTFIT, TJUST, DIM etc.

TrueCAD 2019 Advantages

Economical : Very Low Life-time Price with full functions
No Special Learning : Familiar interface, commands & Icons
Best Performance : True power of 64bit & Multi-threading
Perpetual Licenses : Global Validity & Self-License Transfer
TrueCAD Converter : Batch Auditing & File Conversions
All DWG & DXF versions : From R2 to 2018
PDF Support : 3D PDF Export, 2D PDF Import & Export
Raster to Vector : Image/Scanned Drawings to DXF Conversion
Express Tools & Add-on Features
Fully Loaded : Almost close to other Expensive CAD Software
Content Management : Over 5000 Blocks included. Add your own too.
Many File Formats : DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, SVG, PDF, OBJ, Images etc.

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