AutoCAD has been available since 1982 in the CAD market considering the father of Computer Aided Design. The software comes with the different features which is suitable to many industries, architects, planners, designers etc.,

Finding alternative to AutoCAD is not an easy task. But the JTS IntelliCAD is a product which is a perfect alternative to the AutoCAD Software by taking the below features as consideration:

1) Primarily focusing on 2D Drafting tools and capable of handling dwg and dxf files.

2) Rendering options and the unique capabilities like BIM Files

3) The support to the customer from the developers and the organization in different ways

JTS IntelliCAD was designed to serve an alternative to AutoCAD. JTS IntelliCAD is a professional grade 2D drafting and 3D modeling CAD software meant for Engineers, Architects and other Technology Consultants.It works with native dwg files and allow digital signatures like AutoCAD. It is designed with attractive user interface with ribbon and classic menu, number of file formats, powerful API for custom programs and with photorealistic rendering capabilities which can be useful for architectural and interior design applications.

Its advances features include a license transfer option and a plenty of tools like excel type table editing feature helps the user to complete the task in a fast and efficient way. It is suitable to create professional drawings easily just like other expensive CAD Software.

Suitable for:Engineers, Architects, Beginners and Industry Professionals looking for the alternative for AutoCAD on a budget.

System Requirements:

IntelliCAD comes in various versions and, unlike many of the other options on this list, is mostly offered as a perpetual license with best technical support in all possible ways.

Please go through our official website to know more about the software www.truecad.com

JTS IntelliCAD