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You can directly buy JTS IntelliCAD from this website online store. License key and download links will be emailed immediately if the payment is successful.

Yes, JTS IntelliCAD offers perpetual license for the purchased version. Upgrading to future versions is optional and there is no time limit for upgradation.

Upgrade cost is $80 from any old JTS IntelliCAD version to latest available JTS IntelliCAD version. A valid JTS IntelliCAD license key is required for upgradation and the key remain same even after upgrade.

JTS IntelliCAD supports below International Languages. Use UILANG sysvar to set your default language. You can also find this in Options Dialog -> Display Tab:

* Windows Vista and above, make sure to update your Windows OS to latest available patch in its release.

You can shift JTS IntelliCAD license from one computer to the other by typing "LicenseTransfer" command in command prompt. You need to run the software as Administrator to release the license. In case of any system crash, formatting, you need to send an email from your registered email to "sales@truecad.com". No need to uninstall or reinstall the software for License Transfers and there is no limit on such transfers.

No, once you buy the license it is yours and valid for life-time. We provide free email technical support. You need to pay only if you need upgrade to future version of JTS IntelliCAD.

If you need any support, please submit a ticket on Support page of this website, we will send email reply as soon as possible. Support is free to all our Customers.
JTS IntelliCAD