How To Use Datalink Manager In JTS IntelliCAD



A table can be linked to data in a Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX, or CSV) file. You can link to an entire spreadsheet, individual row, column, cell, or cell range in Excel.


The Data Link Manager is displayed.

Displays the Data Link Manager dialog box where you can create and view links to data located in a Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file.

Render settings


Create Click to open the New Excel Data Link dialog box and create a new data link.

Render settings

Excel Links Displays a list of links available within the drawing in the tree view. Right-clicking the link name allows you to rename it, edit or delete the link, or open an associated Excel file.

Render settings

Details Displays information about the data link selected in the list, including the link name, the file associated with the data link, and link details.

Preview If marked, a preview of the table that will be created using the specified data link displays.


Render settings

Applies changes to or from a linked .xls or .xlsx file.

Select an option [Update data link/Write data link]: To apply changes made in the source file to the linked data in your drawing, choose Update data link. To update the source file with the changes made to the linked data in your drawing, choose Write data link.

To update linked data from a modified external file

Choose Update data link.

Select entities or [Data link/all data linKs]: Select the table with linked data that has been modified in the external source file, then press Enter. To enter the name of a data link to update, choose Data Link, then enter its name. To update all data links, choose All Data Links.

To save modified linked data in the drawing to an external file

Choose Write data link.

Select entities: Select the tables with modified linked data that you want to save to corresponding source files, then press Enter.

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