TrueCAD/ChoiceCAD changes name

AllyCAD is the original name under which the product was developed and sold and the same product that was sold as TrueCAD / ChoiceCAD is now sold as AllyCAD. Please visit our AllyCAD website for detailed product information and to find out about the new functionality and sought after toolkits that come included with AllyCAD

Special Upgrade Discount (30%)

We offer a 30% upgrade discount for TrueCAD / ChoiceCAD users that wish to upgrade to the latest version of AllyCAD Professional.

All menus are active and the file size is unlimited. You will receive: the latest version of AllyCAD, user guide, reference manual and security dongle.

You will also receive all upgrades for one year and have access to our customer support centre for one year. This is essentially a new purchase and is only available to existing TrueCAD/ChoiceCAD users.

You can reach one of our Key Accounts Managers by calling +27 21 7011850, Monday through to Friday, between 08h00 and 17h00 (GMT+02:00). Alternatively, you can email one of our representatives anytime with your specific enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to ChoiceCAD / TrueCAD?
AllyCAD, ChoiceCAD and TrueCAD have always been the same product, but AllyCAD is simply the latest version. In October 2002, we decided to standardise under one brand name (AllyCAD) in order to simplify world-wide support.

Can AllyCAD read ChoiceCAD / TrueCAD files?
Yes, the file format is identical.

Will I have to go through a learning curve?
AllyCAD is the up-to-date ChoiceCAD and TrueCAD with all the menus, snaps and geometry features but it is of course a much later version with many improvements.

Will Archimate / Mechmate work with AllyCAD?
These add-ons (produced by other companies) were designed to work with an older version of AllyCAD/ChoiceCAD/TrueCAD and will no longer function in AllyCAD. We have however introduced Architectural and Mechanical Toolkits in AllyCAD, which have similar functionality to these add-ons.

Can I easily upgrade to AllyCAD?
Yes, the file format is identical so loading existing ChoiceCAD and TrueCAD drawings is very easy. The interface, menus and keystrokes are the same, which means that you will be up to speed in no time at all. You will also have access to new and improved AllyCAD functionality, in particular, the new sought-after Toolkit functions.



Experience the full functionality of AllyCAD PRO for less than 50!

AllyCAD HOME comes with all the functionality of the AllyCAD Professional version. It is limited only in terms of its max drawing size - making it ideal for hobbyists and small enterprise draughting.

    AllyCAD HOME