• TrueCAD 2019 Premium New Version 84804 Released - (Date: 2018-11-03)
  • TrueCAD announces the release of new version 84804 for below mentioned products:

    • TrueCAD 2019 Premium - 64bit
    • TrueCAD 2019 Premium - 32bit

    This is another major release of TrueCAD software with several improvements and enhancements. Below is a brief list of improvements:

    • Integrated new Artisan 3D Rendering module to TrueCAD. Artisan Renderer is now available along with TrueCAD software at no extra cost.
    • All new PDF printer with best possible resolution and high quality PDFs to support Gradient hatches.
    • Totally Revised and Redesigned User Interface with new Ribbon Tabs, menus, toolbars etc.
    • 100s of new TrueCAD Icons for Ribbon items and Drop down menus
    • Added new AIDIMFLIPARROW Command
    • Added new TJUST Command
    • Added new TEXTJUSTIFICATION Command
    • Added new TCASE Command
    • Added new TEXTFIT Command
    • Added new AI_SELALL Command with SELALL Alias
    • Added new AI_DESELECT Command with DESELECT Alias
    • Added new GRADIENT Command to launch Gradient Hatch Dialog
    • Added new GATTE Command for Group Attributes Editing
    • Added new LHSECTIONS Command to create L-Sections & H-Sections drawings based on CSV data
    • Added Define View (DVIEW) &  Viewport (VPORTS)options in Layout Menu
    • Added many Right Mouse Click Options
    • Added TrueCAD Quick Start Guide to quickly migrate from other CAD to TrueCAD
    • Added New Uninstall Feedback System
    • Added New Start-up Dialog showing many useful options and Trial Days
    • Improved Licensing Mechanism to Convert Trial to License Key activation at any time
    • Simplified License Transfer/Key Deactivation Mechanism
    • Improved DIM command to directly select various dimensioning commands
    • Added Single Attribute Edit Command to Interface
    • Added Multiple Attribute Edit Command to Interface
    • Revised ODA Library version to 4793
    • Fixed the selection issue of Polygonal viewport properties by double-click
    • Fixed the issue of slow zoom/pan in layouts with several viewports
    • Added automatic downloader and installer for Artisan Renderer.

    The new versions can be downloaded from this Downloads Page.

    We strongly recommend our existing customers to totally uninstall the old version and reinstall this new version manually. Please contact us on "support@truecad.com" for any technical assistance.

  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium New Update Patch 84792 Released - (Date: 2018-06-29)
  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium new maintenance patch 84792 released with few improvements for both 64bit and 32bit users.

    Below is a detailed list of improvements in this release:

    • Changed :  ODA Teigha Libraries to latest version
    • Fixed : Ctrl+Z shortcut during LINE / POLYLINE command
    • Fixed : CTRL-W should toggle selection cycling
    • Fixed : ARCTEXT Properties Not Updating Entity
    • Fixed : Hatch boundary associativity is not removed after moving a hatch
    • Fixed : Circular Hatch cannot be Stretched
    • Fixed : Hatch Gap Tolerance not recognized properly
    • Fixed : Unable to FILLET XLINE
    • Fixed : Unable to CHAMFER XLINE
    • Fixed : Area Highlight in Boundary Command
    • Fixed : Tolerance is mirrored incorrectly when MIRRTEXT=1
    • Fixed : Highlight Overlapping Entities on Mouse Over
    • Fixed : Solid Extrude Not Creating FILLED SOLIDS even on closed profile
    • Fixed : Unable to select Sheet Bodies for ACISOUT
    • Fixed : Unexpected Y-Axis Green Line displayed in ActCAD
    • Fixed : In-place MTEXT loses Italic, Underline settings etc. after changing Font
    • Fixed : ActCAD Installation failures when higher versions of VC++ are installed in user computer
    • Fixed : CHM Help files completely rebranded to ActCAD
    • Fixed : Crash on ActCAD Main Window position change
    • Fixed : Crash while selecting certain Dynamic Block
    • Fixed : FIND command should zoom to search item (1st & next)F
    • Fixed the issue of NEWDRAWING command to launch NEWWIZ dialog from its options
    • Fixed the crash issue of ActCAD in some cases of using Zoom Extents
    • Fixed the crash issue of ActCAD while creating a Viewport and trying Zoom Extents
    • Fixed Hatch Stretch issue with full window selection
    • Fixed AUTOSAVE issue which corrupts SV$ file
    • Fixed some issues of Drawing Audit functionality
    • Fixed the issue of Hatch Boundary recognition when line weights display is enabled
    • Fixed the issue of Stretch arrowhead grips that uses incorrect base point
    • Revised ODA Teigha libraries to 4.3.4674
    • Revised ActCAD API Programming Toolkit to latest version

    The new versions are available for download in our Downloads section. Existing users can simply use CHECKFORUPDATES command to automatically apply the latest patch.

  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium New Patch 84772 Released - (Date: 2018-04-21)
  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium new maintenance patch 84472 released with few improvements for both 64bit and 32bit users. Below is the list of improvements in this release:

    • Embedded .Net Framework 4.5 installer for automatic recognition and installation in the user computer.
    • Revised ODA Teigha 4.2 libraries to latest version.
    • Fixed few issues with XLINE and RAY selections
    • Fixed the bug of CMDACTIVE returns 64 in some cases

    The new versions are available for download on the Downloads page. Existing users can use Check For Updates command to get apply this latest patch.

  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium new patch 84769 released - (Date: 2018-04-17)
  • TrueCAD announces the release of new maintenance release 84769 for its existing and new users. The new versions are available for download in both 64bit and 32bit versions.

    Below are the list of improvements in this release:

    • 1.Improved license activation system
    • 2.Improved software installer for easy user experience
    • 3.Fixed XLINE selection and regeneration issues
    • 4.Optimized speed and performance
    • 5.Fixed menu sequence in both Classic and Ribbon interfaces

    Existing TrueCAD 2019 users can click on Check for Updates button under menu or use Checkforupdates command to apply the latest patch automatically.

    Contact us today for more information

  • Self-license Transfer in TrueCAD - (Date: 2018-03-15)
  • With TrueCAD 2019 Premium Self License Transfer tool, you can shift license from one computer to another simply by typing License Transfer command. There is no limit on number of transfers.

  • TrueCAD 2019 Block Library - (Date: 2018-02-23)
  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium now has all new Block Libraries with over 5000 standard symbols. You can add your own symbols to the library simply by copy and paste.

  • TrueCAD fixes for Windwows 10 Fall Creators Update - (Date: 2018-02-20)
  • Fixed some performance issues in TrueCAD 2019 Premium which were caused due to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

  • Improvements to TrueCAD License Activation Mechanism - (Date: 2018-02-04)
  • TrueCAD activation is now very simple. You need not fill any details during Trial and License Activation, just click on Activate and the job will be done.

  • Improvements in TrueCAD 2019 Interface - (Date: 2018-02-02)
  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium now has a new interface with many more menu items added like Technical Support, Feedback, Online Store, FAQs etc.

  • PDF Printer Implemented - (Date: 2018-01-31)
  • We have introduced a dedicated PDF printer in TrueCAD Software to print a part or full of your drawing to a high-quality PDF file.

  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium Software - (Date: 2018-01-17)
  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium is now available in both 64 bit and 32 bit versions. The latest version can be downloaded from our downloads section.

  • TrueCAD 2019 New Update 84755 Released - (Date: 2018-01-15)
  • TrueCAD 2019 Premium new version 84755 released today with few minor fixes and performance optimization. New version is available for download in both 64 and 32bit versions.

  • TrueCAD 2019 New Update 84756 Released - (Date: 2018-01-04)
  • TrueCAD announces the release of new version 84756. It is a general release with few minor fixes and performance optimization.

System Requirements

  • OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • CPU: Any CPU above 2GHz speed
  • Bit : 64bit/32bit
  • RAM : 3GB (higher RAM is better)
  • Hard Disk : 1GB free space

Free Technical Support

TrueCAD has a dedicated Technical Support team to address the technical queries of its users. All queries will be answered either same working day or next working day. As developers, software testers and support people work together, solutions will be provided straight to the point with clear instructions and steps.