JTS IntelliCAD Latest ImprovementsD

JTS IntelliCAD Latest Improvements

JTS IntelliCAD is an economical 2D Drafting and 3D Modelling CAD Software meant for Engineers, Architects, and other technical consultants. JTS IntelliCAD works in native DWG & DXF CAD Software to create and edit drawings.

JTS IntelliCAD uses latest IntelliCAD Engine. There are several improvements in JTS IntelliCAD 11.1 compared to previous versions.

Below are some of the important enhancements:

Added and Implemented features:

  • View and visual Style controls in View Menu
  • Function to edit the publishing location in the PDF Publish Options window
  • UI changes for New Excel Data Link dialog box for Table
  • Button for reversing the order of sheets in the list of Publish dialog
  • New command MATCHCELL for Table
  • New command REVERSE
  • New command UPDATEFIELD
  • All dialog boxes related to tables with tooltips for each control
  • Updated ODA dwg libraries
  • Keyboard shortcut for toggling PICKSTYLE variable from 1 to 0
  • New Polish translation
  • Modified close text editor icon

Fixed issues:

  • Selection cursor reset with keyboard or transparent command
  • Detection of Text Island issues in Hatch
  • Snaps not working on dashed line types
  • Proper Scaling of icons on 4k screens
  • Layers do not regen automatically when thawed on a specific drawing
  • Issue of array not moving using the STRETCH command
  • Hatch Boundary Error and the issue of hatch for picking internal point in a particular drawing file
  • Bugs with Qleader command
  • Bugs with Sheetset manager
  • RESETUI to do a backup before reset
  • Issue of saving multiple blocks at once
  • Error displaying current layer and exception while fixing or cleaning text styles in EXPLORER
  • Change text issue in a locked viewport
  • Selection window disappears when selecting overlapping or intersecting entities
  • Workspace save issue in active workspace
  • Crash issues for some commands
  • Issues related to the MTEXT, TABLES and their Styles
  • Exception trimming using block as cutting edge
  • Properties editing scale of non-uniformly scaled annotative block messes up the scale
  • Some prompts dont match in some dimension commands
  • Print preview should display a message instead of a grey button in unsupported printer
  • The issue of Samples folder being created in Program Files
  • OLE linked Excel sheets do not update on opening
  • WSCURRENT set in MNL file reverted to the initial value by the file opening process
  • Domodal crash during Russian localization
  • The issue of New Linetype takes the current not the selected one
  • The issue of renaming a datalink closes all Table dialog boxes
  • No output file in republishing process when using PublishToWeb JPG/PNG.pc3
  • Incorrect rendering in some camera views of GLES mode and Zoom and pan slow issues in GLES mode
  • Background geomap not placed properly
  • The properties pane doesnt update properly when editing layers using the Explorer
  • LISP Command "\"(PAUSE) behavior issues
  • Internal error and unexpected output to the command line during undo
  • STARTPAGE activation delay by execution of MNL
  • PRINT log messages related to print commands started & completed
  • Replaced text buttons with icon in Publish dialog
  • Incorrect nearest snapping to a polyline
  • White image frame is visible on white background
  • Entities appear under the background in GLES mode
  • Crash running UNITS command during startup
  • Displaying dynamic input controls when running a script
  • Some links in documentation
  • Extend issue of non-uniform block
  • Some bugs in paperspace dimensions


JTS IntelliCAD is a best and good cad software as it is suitable to create Professional drawings easily just like other expensive CAD software available in market. No learning needed for existing CAD users