Features of TrueCAD 2021 Premium

TrueCAD supports many file formats

TrueCAD supports many file formats directly and through import and export options as shown in above image. All dwg & dxf files from R2 to latest 2021 version are supported.

Familiar Interface, Commands & Icons

TrueCAD is easy to learn and use. TrueCAD incorporates a user interface, commands, icons and shortcuts similar to that used by the most popular (but much more expensive) CAD programs. The HELP feature will assist you in learning TrueCAD commands. The TIP OF THE DAY provides helpful information when ">TrueCAD starts.

Printing & Plotting

TrueCAD has a very powerful Print & Plot dialog with all popular options. It has all features like .ctb, .stb, page size, resolutions, pc3 file saving etc. while printing.

Import PDF to TrueCAD for direct editing

In TrueCAD, you can open any existing vector PDF file directly and edit the entities just like a normal CAD drawing. All you have to do is to select the PDF file and click OK. TrueCAD will convert the file to DXF at same location of original pdf and with same name.

Drawings Converter in Batch Mode

TrueCAD Drawings Converter works outside TrueCAD to convert a bunch of dwg/dxf/dgn files from one format to another. This converter support all file versions from R2 to 2021. This conversion process is much faster compared to above tool and offers many additional functions.

Annotative Objects

TrueCAD intellicad annotative objects

Annotative objects are useful to get different sizes of entities like text, hatch, dimensions , tolerances, blocks etc. in multiple viewports. You can define many annotative scales for these objects and call one of them in layout/viewport. This will ensure correct display of scales in viewports.

Check for Updates

At TrueCAD we release maintenance patches regularly to keep the technology up-to-date in your computer. All you have to do is click on Check for Updates command to automatically download most latest version. All you have to do is click on Check for Updates command in TrueCAD.

Localization & Internationalization

TrueCAD intellicad international languages

TrueCAD comes with about 15 International languages viz., English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Turkish etc. You can change your preferred language in Tools > Options > Display tab > change language.

Ribbon Interface

TrueCAD supports both Classic Menu Style interface as well as modern Ribbon style interface. The tabs are organized in a systematic manner for each command group. It is easy to find the commands on ribbons with mouse clicks rather than length drop down menus. Command prompt will work as usual with all shortcuts and aliases.

TrueCAD Explorer

TrueCAD explorer is advanced tool to explore layers, blocks, line-types, dimension styles, text styles and many more at one place. You can copy the styles from one drawing to another simply by dragging and dropping them. Inserting new items, deletion, editing etc. are all possible in this dialog.

XREF Manager

XREF Manger is very useful to manage external references used in a drawing. You can attach or detach references to drawing using this dialog. XREFs are powerful means to link drawings without adding up the size. Also they maintain associativity between linked drawings. You can view the XREFs either as normal list or ladder structure.

PDF Underlay

PDF underlay tool allows you to insert PDF files into current drawing. There is a provision to select a page to be inserted into drawing. Scale of inserted PDF can be changed as needed in all x, y and z directions. Rotation is also possible.

DGN Underlay

DGN files can be wither opened directly in TrueCAD or inserted as underlays. All the options are similar to PDF underlay and associativity will be maintained with original DGN file.

DWF Underlay

DWF is a Design Web Format file used to easily communicate drawings with others. They are light weight and easy to share with others without having complete drawing information. If you need to take any reference from DWF files, you can attach them to any drawing using DWF underlay.

Text Styles

TrueCAD supports standard dwg text styles. You can edit existing text styles and create any number of new styles. You can browse all available text styles in TrueCAD Explorer. Easy to apply text styles to all drawing annotations including dimensions with one edit. Copy styles from one drawing to another simply by dragging & dropping in TrueCAD explorer.

Software Customization

TrueCAD supports customization using AUTO-LISP, DCL, .NET (VB/C#/VC++), IRX, TX, SDS and COM automation. A separate developer tool kit is available for download on request. Complete Developer Help is included in TrueCAD for your reference and Customization.

Arc Aligned Text

TrueCAD has ARCTEXT command to create and edit curved text in your drawing. You can apply many text and alignment styles in this dialog. You can double click on existing ARCTEXT and change its parent arc apart from editing other parameters.

2D & 3D PDF Export

TrueCAD intellicad 2d & 3d Pdf Export

From TrueCAD you can export both 2D & 3D PDF files from active drawing. It has options like Layer support, orientation, resolution, embedding fonts and many more. The 3D PDF file can be viewed in free Adobe Acrobat Reader with many 3D options.

Importing your UI customization files

TrueCAD intellicad import ui settings

TrueCAD has all new customize dialog in 2021 in which you can load your custom menus, aliases, cui files, tool bars etc. These settings will remain in TrueCAD as long as you reset your profile.

All new BREAKLINE Command

TrueCAD intellicad new breakline command

TrueCAD has all new breakline command with block support option. You can easily create breaklines in your drawing with standard breakline symbol or any custom block symbol.

All new ARRAY Dialog

TrueCAD intellicad new array dialog

TrueCAD has all new array dialog with all familiar options for rectangular and circular patterns. This dialog support both 2D & 3d arrays. Array orientation option also available for circular patterns.

FIELD Dialog

TrueCAD intellicad field command and dialog

TrueCAD support many fields in drawing such as author, file name, date, project etc. The new Field dialog is very useful to manage your drawing fields at one place.

Numerous RGB Color Values

TrueCAD intellicad rgb color values

TrueCAD has about 562 RGB colors defined it in to apply to your drawing entities like text, lines, hatch, solids etc. This will increase the compatibility with drawings created in other software. More RGB values are useful for attractive presentation drawings.

Auto Complete of Commands

TrueCAD intellicad autocomplete option

TrueCAD has thousands of commands, functions and system variable in-built in it. Remembering all these commands and variables is very difficult. The autocomplete options is very useful for standard users to show the commands and variables starting the letters typed in command.

Attach Point Cloud Data

TrueCAD intellicad point cloud attach

TrueCAD has powerful 3d point cloud import options for .pcb and .isd files. You can select Point Cloud Underlay option in Insert menu/ribbon and select desired file to import. There is a provision to select insertion point and rotation angle.

64bit multi-core support

TrueCAD intellicad 64bit multi-core support

All versions of TrueCAD has both 64bit and 32bit installers. 64bit versions are capable of utilizing multiple cores and multiple threads of your CPU. Operations will be faster by 30% in 64bit software especially in large drawings.

Working with Files
  • Open, edit and save .dwg  and .dxf files right from R2.5 to  version 2021
  • Work with image files in both TrueCAD Professional and Standard versions. More raster image formats are supported now
  • Create custom rendering materials and mapping projection planes in both TrueCAD Professional and Standard versions
  • Import Collada (.dae) files
  • Improved support for DGN overlays, Civil3D, ADT, and mechanical object enablers
  • Attach MrSID MG4 compressed raster img
  • File opening and closing speeds drastically improved

Performance Enhancements
  • TrueCAD is now available in 64-bit in addition to 32-bit
  • All New user interface with modern Black Theme
  • Improved PDF export performance and reduced resulting file size
  • Improved performance for multiple sessions on multi-core machines
  • Improved Print Preview zoom performance

Viewing Drawings
  • The grid can be drawn as lines or dots, can display beyond the drawing extents, and can be adaptive, which includes automatic resizing and subdivision based on zoom levels
  • The Dynamic Viewpoint command was enhanced to include multiple ways of selecting a point from which to view 3D entities
  • The 3D Orbit command allows you to orbit a drawing, that is, rotate the view. Commands includes Constrained Orbit, Free Orbit, Continuous Orbit, Constrained X Orbit, Constrained Y Orbit, and Constrained Z Orbit.

  • Totally improve the display performance with an option to enable or disable Hardware Acceleration
  • Several improvements to prevent leftover screen pixels or empty screen portions during zooming and dragging
  • Display of hatches improved
  • Several enhancements to cursor display in different scenarios
  • Several changes to Zoom Extentsk command
  • Several improvements for display during zoom operations
  • Improvements to 3D solids display
  • Perfect Full Render when using with a UCS different from WCS

Selection and entity editing
  • Improved snapping to 3D solids in blocks
  • Improved node snapping in xref drawings when PDMODE is non-zero
  • Improved grip editing for splines created from polylines
  • Polar tracking guides fixed for new drawings

  • Improved speed and accuracy for hatching while using Select Area
  • Improved calculation of hatch lines enclosed by a circular arc
  • Improvements for calculating hatch areas and boundary hatches in different cases
  • Improved hatching of visually closed polylines
  • Improved boundary detection for boundaries off screen

Text and multiline text
  • Improvements for multiline text positioning
  • Several changes to Text Find command

  • Improvements to TrueType Font selection for printing
  • Many enhancements to Plot module for better user experience

  • Manage layers with layer states
  • Search for layers by Name
  • Filter layers
  • Layer properties include Transparency and Viewport Freeze
  • New Layer Tools menu and toolbar

  • Rendering interface redesigned and enhanced
  • Complete rendering features are now available in TrueCAD Professional and Standard versions

  • TrueCAD supports LISP, DCL, .NET, SDS, COM, TX and IRX programming languages for customization and automation
  • TrueCAD 2021 uses Teigha version 3.9.1 libraries from ODA
  • Script command execution uses the DDE API
  • New LISP method (protect) to create protected LISP files
  • New LISP method (acad_truecolordlg) supports true color selection
  • New SDS method sds_truecolordialog() supports true color selection
  • New LISP method to convert RGB color string to an index integer (rgbtoindex)
  • New LISP method to convert RGB color string to an index integer  (sds_indextorbg)
  • sds_clearcallback()
  • sds_rgbstrtocolorref changed from a string to a long

More New Features
  • CUI menu files supported
  • Many user interface enhancement features, including more efficient menu and toolbar organization, slimming of toolbars to create more drawing space, and more
  • Many improvements to paperspace, such as UCS icon changes, ease in which modelspace viewports are created, and more
  • All color assignments for screen items, such as background color, icon color, etc., can now be made by choosing Tools > Options > Display tab, then clicking Color Scheme
  • New Quick Select command
  • Tip of the Day now displays as an event in the corner of the main window when TrueCAD starts
  • Improved grip editing for dynamic blocks
  • Image Attach command supports embedded world file data in MrSID image files
  • New PRINTOPTIONS command for easy accessibility to Print Options
  • New XOPEN command to allow quick editing of attached xref files
  • New Draw Order options to quickly push back or  bring forward annotation and hatches
  • Enhanced CUSTOMIZE command eases menu and toolbar customization

System Variables
  • There are 100s of system variables supported in TrueCAD similar to other popular CAD software

System Requirements

  • OS : Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • CPU: Any CPU above 2GHz speed
  • Bit : 64bit/32bit
  • RAM : 3GB (higher RAM is better)
  • Hard Disk : 1GB free space

NOTE: Windows OS, mother board drivers, GPU drivers must be updated to latest versions for smooth functioning of TrueCAD Software.

Free Technical Support

TrueCAD has a dedicated Technical Support team to address the technical queries of its users. All queries will be answered either same working day or next working day. As developers, software testers and support people work together, solutions will be provided straight to the point with clear instructions and steps.