The Best CAD Software for Engineers in 2022

Best CAD software for engineers, we will be discussing this in detail today as it has many advantages like flexibility, reliability, and compatibility.

CAD Software is widely used by Mechanical engineers, Civil engineers, Electrical engineers, etc. CAD software has brought revolution in the designing and Manufacturing industry.

Initially, each drawing is done manually and it uses to take a lot of time. After many advancements in the designing was made the CAD software evolved and became easy to use & affordable.

After all these improvements in CAD software, productivity in the industry increased drastically.

CAD software includes 2D and 3D drafting and designing similar to manual designing.2D CAD software is used to create technical draft designs more quickly. 3D CAD software is more used for solid and surface modeling.

CAD software not only reduces efforts it also save time and money. Quality and productivity of the design also increase using CAD software.

Features in Best CAD software for engineers:

I’m going to discuss the features and functionality which one can expect in a Best CAD Software for engineers.

File Converters (Auditing and conversions):

One of the great feature you can keep in mind it will be a great advantage if you have a file converter inBest CAD software for engineers.

File converters can convert from one version of DWG/ DXF/ DGN to another version and Vice Verse.

By using file convert the files will convert much faster and even whole folder you can convert at once. It can support a wide range of file versions from R2 to 2018. Auditing again is a special feature in CAD Software.

In this, through auditing, you can fix any minor internal errors in your drawings without much stress.

JTS IntelliCAD has a special feature for auditing. In this auditing, you can fix any internal errors in drawings. You just select the input folder and start auditing, JTS IntelliCAD automatically runs the process.

JTS IntelliCAD even converts file from various form to edit-friendly CAD form that is from one version of DWG/ DXF/ DGN to another version and Vice Verse. It even supports a wide range of file versions from R2 to 2018.

PDF to CAD (DXF/SVG/PCG) Converter:

This feature will be an added advantage in Best CAD software for engineers.

With the help of this feature, one can convert drawing which is in PDF into DWG/ DXF/ DGN file after importing and vice verse, the original date of the file is not disturbed.

After converting you can even do modification in the drawing and convert back to the required format.

In JTS IntelliCAD you can import any PDF drawing file which should be modified and Convert it into CAD file without disturbing the original data from the file.

Once it is converted then you do whatever changes and modifications in the drawing. Once done you can save and again convert into the required format.

Scanned drawing/ Image to CAD converter:

Raster to Vector conversion in simple words it is converting of Scanned drawing/ Image to CAD i.e., DWG/ DXF/ DGN file and vice verse.

For example, if a civil engineer needs a drawing of a particular structure which is already existing then just one needs to click the picture and convert it into CAD file.

Later after converting one can do required modifications in the files without any problem. JTS IntelliCAD can convert Scanned Drawing/ image into CAD Drawing and later you can do whatever changes needed.

This can be a Best CAD software for engineers with all the above options.


Supporting File Formats:

This is a great option for Best CAD Software for engineers because it can support many file formats not only the regular formats.

So that the drawing need not be reproduced, we will be just importing and start using it the CAD software. The file formats which can be supported such as DXF, DWG, DWF, DAE, DWT, DGN, PDF, Word, Excel, BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc.

JTS IntelliCAD gives great support for many file formats such as DXF, DWG, DWF, DAE, DWT, DGN, PDF, Word, Excel, BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc., we can just import or export in any file formats you need.

It supports all the files from R2 to 2018 latest version.

Ready to use Blocks Library/ Templates:

Generally while creating Drawing we use same type representations, blocks, templates, styles, etc., any number of times.

So, this frequently use blocks or templates are inbuilt within the software then it can save both time and money. This readily available option is known has Block library.

From block library, you just need to select the required sub-libraries and required a block and create it very ever necessary.

JTS IntelliCAD has block library which contains more than 5000 blocks/ templates built in, which we can just use without creating every time they need.

In this JTS IntelliCAD software, we can also create our own block/ template means you can personalize your own Block library. Just we need to click on the block and use it.


If Best CAD software for engineers gives you the option to customize. Anyone will be more then happy to use it because the templates, add- on’s or blocks frequently used are customized and personalized as per your requirement.

In addition to this if we can even customize as per the requirement in LISP, Diesel, SDS, DCL, excel, .output,VBA scripting, etc., it would be an added advantage.

According to the domain in which the software is supported by we have a number of tasks which we use frequently. This tasks can be customized using programming with the support of API programming in some CAD software through which complicated tasks can also make easy.

In JTS IntelliCAD we can even customize as per the requirement in API programming, VBA scripting, LISP, Diesel, etc.

Attributes which should be present in CAD Software:

Other than the above mention features, the following attributes should be present in any CAD software. If these attributes are present in Best CAD software for engineers then you can buy and use the software undoubtedly.

User-Friendly: User friendliness means ease to learn, work and adaptability of the software. When any first time user starts using it they should feel comfort in working on it even though they are learning it.

We can say it should be like beginners CAD software.

Coming to point of adaptability in Best CAD Software for engineers if any user who is using the software which is already existing in the market, and later choose another software which is new to market then there shall not be many variations in the interface, icons, and commands. It would be even greater if it can support files from other CAD software too.

JTS IntelliCAD has a much similar interface in CAD software comparison with other existing brands in the market.

Even it is quite apt for beginners as it is user-friendly with easy accessibility of commands, blocks and tools, and ready available tutorial videos. Even HELP command also assist you with the learning JTS IntelliCAD.

Reliability and Performance:

As engineers, we want software, which we can use in any computer. As we can’t go for the different configuration of computers for different software.

For example, if a user uses to work on a CAD software which can work by the basic configuration system and the same user change to another software and that software needs some high configuration with large RAM and speed then we can’t invest both on software and computer.

In case if we can use the same computer then it will be economical for users. If any CAD software is IntelliCAD member it gives the best performance.

As an engineer, we want reliability on the software as it can’t crash while anyone is working on an important or difficult project.

You need to check the performance of software how it works when it is in a fully loaded condition. Reliability and performance are essential in everything starting from importing files, changing formats and saving them easily.

Our JTS IntelliCAD uses IntelliCAD latest CAD engine to offer the best performance and for more reliability. It also gives the best features.

It also updates and fixes the bugs frequently to give best performance and output to the end users.

License Flexibility:

License Flexibility, it is a very essential attribute in Best CAD software for engineers. As an engineer, we need to create the drawing than sometimes we need to present them to your team or show them to clients.

In this case, if we have a license transfer mechanism without any problem you can just deactivate/ uninstall and transfer to your laptop or work system very easily you can do. And some software will be having only validity within the country of origin before only check if it has global validity.

So, go for software which has global licensing, lifetime validity and Self-license transfer between any of your computers or laptops.

JTS IntelliCAD has self-license transfer and Global Validity that to any number of times. One can transfer license any number of times on there own without a customer support team.


Cost-effectiveness means wise utilization of money, one needs to take software which has good attributes at the best available price in the market.

If we need to think about the best features or attributes like software upgradation, license flexibility, Customization feature, file converters, technical support, etc.

Even check the frequency of updates of software and bug fixing, these should be done periodically.

JTS IntelliCAD has all the above-discussed features with a good price where you can save up to 80% of your estimate price with other most popular CAD software. This software is supported by IntelliCAD, so it gives you timely update and patches.

Technical support:

As a Best CAD software for engineer, you need to have dynamic customer support. If customer support who has a screen sharing remote session like any-desk, team-viewer, etc it will be of great help.

The HELP command in the software should also be of great use so that you can solve it yourself before going to Technical Support.

Even we can go with online videos, FAQ’S, etc.JTS IntelliCAD has great technical support, they handle issues both by mails and on-call too.

In case they can’t solve the problem even they help us by remote screen sharing app any-desk.

In addition to above-discussed features and attributes, JTS IntelliCAD has some additional technical attributes by which one can say that JTS IntelliCAD is the Best CAD software for engineers.

  • JTS IntelliCAD software is having the option to create and edit tables and perform an action like insert/ delete rows and make a provision to import external CSV to the table and vice verse.
  • This software uses the ACIS 3D kernel from 3D Spatial with 3D data.
  • A unit converter in the add-on menu is present in JTS IntelliCAD.
  • Ribbon style interface is present in JTS IntelliCAD along with basic Classic Menu Style.
  • PDF & DWG underlay tool is an exceptional tool in
  • For creating and editing curved text JTS IntelliCAD TEXT.
  • JTS IntelliCAD also supports more than 15 international languages and many more features which make this software very user-friendly.


Hence, I think by reading the above blog everyone got a clear idea about the Best CAD software for engineers and how to select it.

Therefore, while selecting Best CAD software for engineers one should go with the user-friendliness and license flexibility along with performance and add-on features should play an important role in selecting the software rather than cost.

If the CAD Software is advantageous to use if it has advance block/ template library, File Converters, Customization, etc. Even though if all the above features are present in the CAD software with the good technical support we can be more comfortable.

So that the quality increases, time reduces and efficiency of work increases by using CAD Software. As a result of the above discussion with one can say JTS IntelliCADis the best cad modeling, cad programs, 3d design, solid modeling, designers and engineers, 3d modeling software, 3d printing, user interface, 2d/3d modeling, mechanical design, cad software tools, free trial, design software, design tools & computer aided design