The Best CAD Software for Beginners in 2022

Before discussing Best CAD software for beginners, we will be briefly knowing how CAD software came into existence. CAD is a revolution in the designing industry.

If you’re an engineer, architect, interior/ exterior designer, automobile engineer, etc., then you can understand how difficult is to design manually. Initially, each drawing done manually and it uses to take a lot of time.

Later they used to design using sketch pads, even it was not so easier to work on it. To make much simplify the work life we developed software for the same designing which resulted in CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software.

CAD software also has 2D and 3D designing similar to manual designing.

To start has a drawing software for a beginner you should start designing in 2D CAD software initially then you can go with 3D CAD.

CAD software not only reduces efforts it also save time and money. It also improves quality and productivity.

So, now we will be discussing what can you expect as a beginner in Best CAD Software for Beginners.

How to choose Best CAD software for beginners:

While choosing the best CAD software for the first time you need to keep some usual points in mind so that you can get easily hands on it.

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability and Performance
  • License Flexibility
  • File Compatibility
  • Customization
  • Value for Money
  • Features & Functionality
  • File Converters (Auditing and conversions)
    • PDF to CAD (DXF/SVG/PCG) Converter
    • Scanned drawing/ Image to DXF conversion
    • Ready to use Blocks/ Templates
    • Customer support

Ease of Use:

As the name suggests the software must be easy to use and user-friendly. The software should have easily accessible CAD Online books and tutorial videos The software must have the commands which are frequently used easily accessible.

Modern interfaces such as Ribbon style interface in which the command group organized in a systematic manner in tabs. In Best CAD Software we can expect customization of menu bar also.

If a CAD software as a facility of a command line, it allows us to shift the required menu or dialogue box immediately.

The best software also has setup manager where one can change the setting of the document and access them easily.

Each software is different from another software, making the user adaptability easy or tough.

When one learns a particular software and joins a firm which is using some other leading software in the market like AutoCAD, BricsCAD, etc., one should get accustomed very easily so that the productivity and time of the firm dont effect.

So we need to be very careful while choosing software as a beginner.

Reliability and Performance:

As a beginner, we want software, which should be supported by the hardware which we use normally. As we can’t go for the high-end systems with large RAM and speed. If any CAD software is IntelliCAD member it gives the best performance.

As a beginner, we want reliability on the software as it can’t crash while we are working on important or difficult projects. You need to check the software how it work when it had fully loaded Drawings.

We need reliability and performance in everything starting from importing files from different formats or software to modify and saving them easily.

License Flexibility:

As a Best CAD software beginner once you invest in any software as an output we need great features in it. Same way in licensing also if we have various option it would be of a great advantage.

So, go for a software which has global licensing, lifetime validity and Self-license transfer between any of your computers or laptops.

In self-license transfer, if you want to use the same license at different places you can deactivate the license and uninstall on the system which you are using and re-install on the system which you want to use.

File Compatibility:

When you want to import or export files for modification, you need a software which supports as many file formats such as DXF, DWG, DWF, DAE, DWT, DGN, PDF, Word, Excel, BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc.

The Best CAD software for beginners should even support files from R2 to latest file formats.


If any of software gives you the option to customize, you would love to use it because the templates, add- on’s or blocks which you use repeatedly and frequently can be customized as per your requirement.

In addition to this, if we can even customize as per the requirement such as LISP, Diesel, SDS, DCL, excel, .output,VBA scripting, etc., it would be an added advantage.

According to the domain in which the software used we have the number of tasks which we use frequently. This tasks can customized using programming.

Some CAD software support API programming through which complicated tasks can also made easy.

Value for Money:

Being a beginner doesn’t mean that one should take a low-cost software. You should take software which is reasonable in price yet has the maximum number of features like software up gradation, license flexibility, Customization feature, file converters, technical support, etc.

Even we should check the frequency of up gradation of software and bug fixing. These issues should updated periodically. The software supported by IntelliCAD will give you timely update and bug fixation.

Features & Functionality:

As already we discussed having additional features would be great. So, now we will just discuss about some of the additional features which can be very useful.

  • File Converters (Auditing and conversions):

It will be a great advantage if you have file converter in Best CAD software for beginners. File converters can convert from one version of DWG/ DXF/ DGN to another version.

By using file convert the files will convert much faster and also support a wide range of file versions from R2 to 2018.

Auditing again is a special feature in CAD Software. In this through auditing, you can fix any internal errors in your drawings.

  • PDF to CAD (DXF/SVG/PCG) Converter:

With this feature, the drawing files which is in PDF format can imported and converted into DWG/ DXF/ DGN file and vice verse.

In Best CAD software you can import any PDF drawing, do the required modifications and convert it into required file format without disturbing the original data from the file. Once it converted then you share the drawing needed.

  • Scanned drawing/ Image to DXF conversion:

With this feature Raster to Vector conversion is possible. Scanned drawing/ Image can converted to CAD file i.e., DWG/ DXF/ DGN file.

Here for an example, an architect or civil engineer need an already existing house plan he can just click the image and convert it into CAD file for further use.

  • >Ready to use Blocks/ Templates:

Usually while drawing we use the same type of lines, dimensional line or styles, blocks, etc., frequently. So, for efficient use of time this type of repeated tasks in Best CAD software made into blocks or templates. This can be just used by calling them whenever drawing needed.

Customer Support:

As a Best CAD software for Beginner, you need to have good technical customer support.You will be using the software for the first time so one needs good customer support both by email or on the call.

You can even go with customer support who had a screen sharing remote session like any-desk, team-viewer, etc. The HELP command in the software should also be of great use so that you can solve it yourself before going to Customer Support. Even we can go with online videos, FAQ’S, etc.

Now which Software you have to Select:

Finally, after discussing the Best CAD software for Beginner we thought you got a clear idea how to choose the best one. Now coming to my view the Best CAD software for beginners is JTS IntelliCAD.

Even though if we have many CAD software lists on the market only some are going to be good options to work with. Here I will introduce with some good software and will discuss my favorite CAD software too.

Some of the CAD software are JTS IntelliCAD, AutoCAD, ActCAD, NanoCAD, BricsCAD, ProgeCAD, etc.

JTS IntelliCAD:

The Most latest IntelliCAD engine. JTS IntelliCAD developed as simple 2D CAD software for beginners.It can support many of file formats and even it can convert from PDF and raster to CAD formats.

This software has more than 5000 blocks built in and can also customize your own blocks which we use frequently. Even introduction for 3D meshing also presents in this software.


Most latest IntelliCAD engine. ActCAD has developed for both 2D & 3D CAD with more flexibility for the user.It can support many file formats and even it can convert from PDF and raster to CAD formats.

This software has 5000 plus blocks built in and also you can customize your own blocks. It is the brother of JTS IntelliCAD.


AutoCAD developed by Autodesk for 2D drafting and 3D drawings. The users can develop site plans, sketch technical drawings and customized templates are available.

It is one of the most popular CAD Software. Even though it is the most renowned brand in the CAD market due to its cost and online customer support it is getting pushed back.


NanoCAD is industry-standard CAD software that has a variety of APIs and table editor. It deals with both 2D and 3D modeling. Many features which are available can customized according to your need.


BricsCAD Classic is a 2D CAD drafting software, in it, we can import drawings in DWG file format and can modify them.

A full LISP API can incorporated for customization and automation for frequently used tasks. Even then have 3D CAD software too.

As I said Im going to discuss elaborately JTS IntelliCAD. JTS IntelliCAD, it is not only having the above-discussed features but has many more great features which will be a great advantage for users.

Ease of use:

JTS IntelliCAD has a much similar interface with the most popular and expensive brand. Even it is quite apt for beginners as it user-friendly with easy accessibility of commands, blocks and tools, and ready available tutorial videos. In JTS IntelliCAD even HELP command also assist the user with the learning.

Reliability and Performance:

JTS IntelliCAD uses IntelliCAD most recent released CAD engine to give users the best performance and best features. It also updates and fixes the bugs frequently to give the best performance and reliability.

JTS IntelliCAD 11.1 is the most reliable and great performance CAD software.

License Flexibility:

JTS IntelliCAD has self-license transfer and Global Validity that to any number of times. One can transfer license any number of times on there own without a customer support team.

File Compatibility:

JTS IntelliCAD gives great support for many file formats such as DXF, DWG, DWF, DWT, DGN, PDF, Word, Excel, BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc., we can just import or export in required file formats. It supports all the files from R2 to 2018.


In addition to this, we can even customize as per the requirement in API programming, VBA scripting, etc.

Value for Money:

JTS IntelliCAD with quite reasonable price where you can save up to 80% of your estimate price with other most popular software. In this cost even it is providing very extraordinary features.

Features & Functionality:

  • File Converters (Auditing and conversions):

JTS IntelliCAD has a special feature for auditing. In this auditing, you can fix any internal errors in drawings. You just select the input folder and start auditing, JTS IntelliCAD automatically runs the process.

Same way it even converts file from various form to edit-friendly CAD form.

  • PDF to CAD (DXF/SVG/PCG) Converter:

JTS IntelliCAD you can import any PDF drawing and Convert it into CAD file without disturbing the original data of the file and vice verse is also possible. Once it converted you do what changes and modifications.

  • Scanned drawing/ Image to DXF conversion:

JTS IntelliCAD has this feature where you can convert Scanned Drawing/ image into CAD Drawing.

  • Ready to use Blocks/ Templates:

JTS IntelliCAD has more than 5000 blocks/ templates built in, which we can just use with one click whenever they need. In this 2D CAD software, we can also create our own add-on which we use frequently.

Just we need to drag and drop them from a drawing and another where it needed.

Customer support:

JTS IntelliCAD has a great technical customer support both by mails and on call. They even help us by remote screen sharing app any-desk.

Finally, we can say JTS IntelliCAD is an appropriate Best CAD software for Beginners since in addition to this JTS IntelliCAD has many other features which will be an advantage for beginners.

Additional Features in JTS IntelliCAD Software:

JTS IntelliCAD software is having the option to create and edit tables and perform an action like insert/ delete rows and make a provision to import external CSV to the table and vice verse.

It also has very good print and plot dialog box along with many options. This software uses ACIS 3D kernel from 3D Spatial with 3D data.

Even we can convert units in JTS IntelliCAD by using the tool which is already in add-on menu. Ribbon style interface supported in JTS IntelliCAD.

In our software JTS IntelliCAD explorer is an advanced option in which you can explore layers, blocks, text styles, etc., you can even copy these formats from one drawing to another.

PDF & DWG underlay tool is an exceptional tool present in this software.Through which this files can inserted into the present drawing, can change the scale of a particular file.

In this software Text styles which are also an important feature in Drawings which can be easily accessed and this can customized too. ARCTEXT which used for creating and editing curved text.

It also supports more than 15 international languages and many more features which make this software very user-friendly.



Therefore, by this time I think you all got a good idea of the Best CAD software for Beginners. While choosing Best CAD software not only the CAD software price but also the features, customization, programming, etc., should considered.

As discussed you should also keep in mind about licensing because as a beginner you might use the software where ever you want and need not invest more on more number of licenses.

One needs more readily available add-on blocks/ templates rather than creating and using all the time we need. Most importantly you need good technical customer support as a beginner 3d slash, mechanical engineering, advanced users, surface modeling, printing services, free trials, 3d printer, creating 3d, user interface,3d modeling tool, cad users, 3d print & cad tool

As a result of the above discussion, we can say that JTS IntelliCAD is the Best CAD software for beginners.