The Best Architectural Cad Software in 2019

CAD software has changed the way the entire world works—from the design industry to engineering to architecture. Architectural CAD software instead of ancient drafting methods to bring any type of design to life and work efficiently.

In CAD software design processes is made easy from start to finish. You can create designs, share with clients and team members. You can even produce photo realistic renders to see your designs in real-world contexts.

CAD software now is available as per the needs as it now comes exceptionally for Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects etc.

Your choice of Architectural CAD software depends entirely on your specific needs ranging from 2D design to 3D modeling to BIM to rendering.

Planning an Architectural design:

Before CAD Software, architects would build plans using the standard pen-and-paper technique to draw plans. However, this was a time taking, inappropriate and requires more manpower. It is even hard to draw in full 3D to show it to customers.

Even though some of the architects prefer doing it initially on paper than in CAD, cause we can convert scanned drawing to CAD file format(like DWG, DXF) i.e., Raster to Vector conversion which is a very use-full tool.

This raster to vector conversion is available in some Architectural CAD software like JTS IntelliCAD, ActCAD, DraftSight, etc. Architects can produce more precise and accurate plans using Architectural CAD software.

By using Architectural CAD software architects can easily present there work to the customers. They can store any number of plans without space constraint in simple CAD software.

Even if any client wants some change in a plan the architect can just copy the file and made change according to requirement so that the client will choose best from the remain plans.

Accuracy in Architectural design:

Architecture design requires a lot more precision and detailing as it provides an initial platform before any structure is built. These days architectural designs have more importance in the market as we can see in the design what we are imagining in a better way we can even make more changes using CAD software.

In architectural design, it is not only exterior view even the interior design is readily available to see in a minute way. And we can even do analysis in the Architectural CAD software to increase the durability of the structures.

Architects should follow certain guidelines and IS codes to get a well certified and accurate design. In an architectural CAD software, several pre-programmed Line- types with several Line- thickness are available to the user.

They also get a different variety of colors and layers so that they can provide the plan with more precise and accurate detailing.

So with the help of Architectural CAD Software, they can prepare an architectural design minimum errors and within the time limit.

Some Architectural CAD software like JTS IntelliCAD, ActCAD, AutoCAD etc comes with templates or block libraries where the users can find a different variety of inbuilt blocks that they can use to add in a plan as per their requirement.

In JTS IntelliCAD, there are around 5000+ blocks readily available in the software which is subcategories for quick reference to the users.

JTS IntelliCAD Software also provides 550+ colors that give the user the freedom to choose different colors for differentiating particular entities in the plans.

If these features are available in an architectural CAD software, they make it a good software for the architect to work.

How architectural CAD software is used in planning:

Architects use CAD software to plans their designs. They will then visualize and simulate their whole plan on a real-world scenario, without creating that structures physically.

By using CAD software architects will be able to show there plan in completely different aspects and views. This will make them stress-free from the end result. By using this CAD software they can even fix the issues easily and quickly.

Most of the CAD software which is available in the market are integrated with Building Information Modeling(BIM). This BIM gives it users the much need and most complicated interface.

This BIM is used by architects to check gravity levels and to check the strength of the structures. So overall we can say that an architect can design according to their requirement with less time and cost.

What can you expect in an Architectural CAD Software for design:

File converters:

Architectural CAD software must able to support all the versions of DWG File format starting from the basic R2 to 2018. It can convert from one version of DWG/ DXF/ DGN to another version.

Architect gets different requirements for different clients in different ways like photographs, different file formats, PDF, etc. Same way while any plan needs to be sent to someone for review for people who dont have CAD software so this file converter can convert into the required format.

Even PDF file is converted into DWG/ DXF/ DGN file and vice verse. Same way even the Scan drawings or Photographs also be converted into DWG/ DXF/ DGN file and vice verse.

If all the converters are available then you need not be worried to convert from one format to another.

JTS IntelliCAD software based on the latest IntelliCAD 8.4a CAD Engine supports all formats of DWG file ranging from R2 to 2018.

It also has inbuilt PDF Converter which provides the user to convert file from PDF, Scanned and Photograph format to DWG/ DXF/ DGN file and vice verse.

Scale factors and units:

Architectural designs cannot be drawn to a specific scale, they draw everything life-size. Even though we remember multiple factors in mind we are unable to set the dimensions until printed. After printing, you can set a scale according to the requirement.

Sometimes, however, the scale factor affect the text, arrows, line types, etc. So, considering all these factors if any Architectural CAD software can provide us with scaling feature along with the unit converters it will be a great advantage so that we can scale according to the requirement of the plan.

JTS IntelliCAD has a scale interface which is simple, this interface allows the user to change and modify the drawing units and dimensions easily without any intervention.

It is also having the units converter which is fast, quick and accurate in converting the units as per our requirement.

Ready to use Block Library:

In a block library, we can find the parts or representations which we use frequently. Users can also add the parts or representation which they use most frequently in block library for repeated work.

By block library, one can save a lot of time. Even they can add the templates they use most frequently. The user just needs to select the required block or template and insert as desired.

If Architectural CAD software has this option then its very much time saving for architects as they can just select and insert as and when need.

Generally, architects use the representations of the sofa, beds, fans, lights, table, etc., they can just save the desired representation in this block library and use as per requirement.

JTS IntelliCAD has 5000+ blocks provided to the user for repeated use. One can find the appropriate block required in a different range of categories listed and can use it as per there need. This ready to use block library is a most advantageous feature in an Architectural CAD Software as it simplifies the work and saves a lot of time for a particular work.

In JTS IntelliCAD, the users can also add personalized blocks to the library and can use it as need.

How to insert a block/ representation in the plan of architectural CAD software (JTS IntelliCAD)?

  • Open JTS IntelliCAD Block Library. (Add-ons –> JTS IntelliCAD Block Library)
  • Select the desired Category for the block from the list available or created by you personally in JTS IntelliCAD Block Library (5000+ Blocks available all total classified in several categories).
  • Select the required Sub-category and Double click on the block.
  • Insert the block at your desired location and click on the point.
  • After selection of the location, input the desired values like scale factor, Y scale factor, and rotation angle for the block (Select required location, scale factor, and rotation angle to insert block).
  • Your block insertion is complete.

How to add a block to the plan of architectural CAD software (JTS IntelliCAD)?

  • For adding a new personalized block to the library, select the ADD YOUR BLOCK option.
  • Paste the file folder of your required block and yes the blocks are added to the library as well.

2D architecture software:

Nowadays, most popular Architectural CAD software offers both 2D and 3D capabilities.In spite of heavy competition in the market we have some good and reasonableCAD software, we are going to look at some of the 2D packages for architects who don’t necessarily need 3D software.

Everything starts with a plan, no matter what kind of structure you are creating. Before you even think about a 3D model, you first have to create a 2D plan. With 2D CAD, it’s possible to create plans, elevations and much more.


DraftSight, developed by Dassault Systemes. It is a 2D design and drafting software package. With it, you can create, edit and share 2D drawings. You can access the design library which provides a location for user-defined elements such as blocks.

As imagined, these types of features are very useful when it comes to architecture. With DraftSight, you can also access, create and edit both DWG and DXF files.


AutoCAD is one of the most popular CAD software in the CAD industry. We are, of course, focusing here on the LT version.

AutoCAD LT is a lower-cost version of AutoCAD with reduced capabilities and functionality. AutoCAD LT allows users to design and draft in 2D.It is great for floor plans and the first steps of the design process in any architecture design. It also comes with a variety of features to speed up your design process.

Unlike AutoCAD, LT doesn’t have support for 3D modeling or any customization with LISP, VBA or ARX. You could view AutoCAD LT as a sort of stepping stone to 3D design software.

JTS IntelliCAD:

The most latest IntelliCAD engine.JTS IntelliCAD is an exclusive 2D CAD software for user-friendliness.

It can support many file formats and even it can convert from PDF and raster to CAD formats. It has more than 5000 blocks built in and can also your own block for repeating usage.

This software can support basic 3D meshing.JTS IntelliCAD has self-license transfer and Global Validity that to any number of times. JTS IntelliCAD supports all the files formats from R2 to 2018.

In addition to this, we can even customize as per the requirement in API programming, VBA scripting, etc.


Most latest IntelliCAD engine. ActCAD is developed for 2D & 3D CAD software with more flexibility to the user.

It can support many file formats and even it can convert from PDF and raster to CAD formats. This software has 5000 plus blocks built in and also you can make your own blocks to use frequently.


Hence, the best Architectural CAD software, need to be well designed to provide the best work environment. The Architectural CAD software should provide good scale factor and units interface that is user-friendly as well as allow the user to change the desired unit type including architectural unit as per the requirement.

Architectural CAD software advantageous to use when it has an advance block or template library. So that the time reduces and efficiency of work increases.

The user can even increase the quality of work by using Architectural cad software.

After discussion with the most advantageous and useful features which should be present in an Best Architectural CAD software, we can say JTS IntelliCAD is the best photorealistic rendering, cad programs, bim software, free cad software, operating system, 3d printing, 3d rendering, modeling tools, cad drawings, construction documents, computer aided design & design tools

As it included all the features. Architects can go for JTS IntelliCAD with great confidence because of its enhanced features and the user-friendly features which makes the user feel comfortable while using it.

It can be the best CAD software for Construction too.