IntelliCAD 10.1a Released

IntelliCAD 10.1a is a maintenance release for version 10.1 that was previously issued on August 17, 2021,bringing in a whole new range of features for all the CAD software which are supported by it, including the brand new TrueCAD 2022.

TrueCAD uses the latest IntelliCAD 10.1a Engine, Open Design Alliance, dwg/dxf Libraries, ACIS 3D Modeling Kernel, and many other Technologies which ensures file support right from the early R2.5 to the latest 2022 version of dwg/dxf. It also supports other file formats like .dgn, .step/.stp, .iges/.igs, .stl, .obj, 2D PDF, 3D PDF, .dae, .xls, etc. The interface and commands are designed familiarly and easily for migration from other CAD Software

IntelliCAD maintenance releases concentrate on fixes, but IntelliCAD 10.1a also contains these new features: import Microsoft® Excel® files; new capabilities when working with tables including data links, formulas, and cell formats; synchronize block attributes, and nudge entities using keyboard shortcuts. Many improvements are also found in the areas of publishing and sheet sets.

For IntelliCAD versions that work with Spatial ACIS solids, create planar surfaces and convert entities to NURBS surfaces.

Now, .obj and .stl, and .xls files are also part of the import file formats. The ability to view properties of custom entities is one of the new properties that are available for various entity types in the Properties panel.

IntelliCAD 10.1a is up to seven times faster when selecting entities and two times faster for grip editing, grip displaying, entity snapping, and drawing regenerating.

New features include the ability to insert and work with geographic maps, restore default program settings from the operating system Start menu, create and edit tables and table styles, create and edit sheet sets, insert dynamic blocks, import .pdf files with more advanced options, import point data from .csv and .txt files, and import map files (.shp, .sdf, .sqlite files).

Also included is integration with 3Dconnexion input devices for streamlining the CAD drawing experience.

For technical users, IntelliCAD 10.1a incorporates ODA SDKs version 2021.11, .NET version 4.8, and the initial implementation of CAcUiDialog.

An overview video of IntelliCAD 10.1a features is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/xg2v5pGB3wg

IntelliCAD 10.1a is supported on Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 64-bit versions. IntelliCAD Mobile Viewer versions are available for Windows desktop, Google® Android™, Apple® macOS®, and iOS