Customize Aliases in JTS IntelliCAD

Opens the Customize dialog box where you can create and modify command aliases.


Aliases Lists all of the aliases already defined in the program.

New Click to specify a new alias in the Alias text field.

Delete Click to remove the selected alias from the list.

Assign Click to assign a new alias to a selected command. Available only after you specify a new alias and select a command from the Available Commands list.

Alias Enter a new name. You can use one or more letters (A - Z) or numbers (0 - 9) for your alias.

Available Commands Lists all of the available commands in the program.

Command Displays the command that is assigned to the alias selected in the list.

Close Click to save changes and close the dialog box.

Import Imports a customization .ica or .pgp file into the program, replacing the current customization.

Export Exports a customization .ica or .pgp file, which can be edited or used on another computer or with another program.

Reset Click to reset the alias customization to its default state, which will be the same as when the program was first installed.

Use the Customize User Interface dialog box to create or modify command aliases. An alias is a shortcut that lets you specify a command. Any command can be specified using one or two letters. For example, L is the alias for the Line command.

In the Customize User Interface dialog box, click the Customize tab, select either a workspace or a customization file (for example, ICAD), then expand Aliases in the list. For more information on the default aliases delivered with IntelliCAD, see the Aliases alphabetical list.

To create a new alias

Right-click an alias in the list, then choose Insert Alias. The new alias will be inserted above your selection in the list.

Type the alias name, and then press Enter. The alias can be one or more letters (A - Z) or numbers (0 - 9).

In Properties, enter the command name for the alias in Command Name.

To specify properties for an alias

Select an alias in the Customization list.

The Properties area displays on the right. Specify the desired options for the selected item. For more details, see Customize tab > Properties.

To rename an alias

Do one of the following:

  • In the Customization list, right-click an alias, choose Rename, then type a new name for the alias.
  • In the Customization list, select an alias, then in the Properties area, type a new name in Alias Name.

To remove an alias

Right-click an alias in the list, then choose Delete. The program prompts whether you are sure you want to remove the alias. To remove it, choose Yes. To keep it, choose No.