Best 2D CAD Software and things you must know about it

Best 2D CAD Software, before discussing this we will briefly know how CAD software evolved. Earlier engineers and designers used to design manually using the drawing board, pen, and paper.

Nowadays everyone is using computers to make work easier, so came the development of designing and CAD software came into existence.

CAD Software is widely used by engineers, architects, interior designers, aerospace industry, mechanical industry, etc. CAD software has brought revolution in the designing and drafting industry and replaced conventional designing with CAD software.

After many advancements in the software was made the software became easy to use and even the affordability reduced so that even medium scale companies are using them.

After all these improvements in CAD software, productivity in the industry increased drastically.

Types of CAD software includes 2D and 3D drafting and designing. By using 2D CAD software to create technical draft designs more quickly.

2D design and 2D floor plan can also easily produced. 3D CAD software is more used for solid and surface modeling.

Today we will be discussing more 2D CAD software, as it has many advantages like flexibility, reliability, and compatibility.

What can anyone expect in Best 2D CAD software?

  • Easy learning curve
  • Cost-effectiveness with great features
  • Best Performance
  • License flexibility
  • File Converters (Auditing and conversions)
  • PDF to CAD (DXF/SVG/PCG) Converter
  • Scanned drawing/ Image to DXF conversion
  • Ready to use Blocks/ Templates
  • Supporting File Formats

Easy Learning Curve:

Anything to begin should be easy to learn and it should be user-friendly. The Best 2D CAD Software should have readily available learning materials like printed materials, Best 2D CAD Software online Books and tutorial videos.

The best CAD software should also have more similarities when compared to other popular software used in the market like user interface, commands, and icons.

JTS IntelliCAD has much similar interface when compared with the most renowned and expensive brand.

Even it is quite apt for beginners as it user-friendly with easy accessibility of commands, blocks, tools, and ready available tutorial videos.

Even HELP command also assist you with the learning JTS IntelliCAD.

Cost Effectiveness:

Cost-effectiveness doesnt mean that it should be of low cost, it means that the cost which we are paying is giving maximum features and license flexibility in Best 2D CAD software.

It should also have some extra features like self-license transfers, global validity, and lifetime validity. Good technical support will be a great advantage.

JTS IntelliCAD again here comes with the very reasonable price where you can save up to 80% of your estimate price with other popular software and has great technical support with which you can make your work easy.

In this cost even it is providing very extraordinary features. So, all this make JTS IntelliCAD an affordable 2D CAD software.

Best Performance:

For best performance, the 2D CAD software should support both 32 & 64-bit processors. Any processor above 2GHz speed and 3GB RAM should perform well.

If the CAD software is a member of IntelliCAD it can give the very best performance. IntelliCAD is not an open source organization to become a member of that the CAD software has pay royalties and membership fees yearly.

Our JTS IntelliCAD uses IntelliCAD most recent released CAD engine to offer the best performance and give best features.

It also updates and fixes the bugs frequently to give best performance and output to the end users. You can get JTS IntelliCAD with all the above mentioned features and many add-ons too.

License Flexibility:

Now coming to the license flexibility any 2D CAD software should have global validity so that you can use anywhere in the world. Later you can also expect the self-license transfer between your computers.

JTS IntelliCAD has this self-license transfer that to any number of times. You can do this transfer of license without consulting anyone from the JTS IntelliCAD support team. Even it has global validity for the lifetime.

File Converters:

It would be added advantage if you have file converter in Best 2D CAD software. It can convert from one version of DWG/ DXF/ DGN to another version.

JTS IntelliCAD has this drawing converter where you can convert any number of DWG/ DXF/ DGN formats from one to another.

This convert is much faster and also support a wide range of file versions from R2 to 2018. Above all this JTS IntelliCAD has a special feature to audit. In this auditing, you can fix any internal errors in your drawings.

You just need to select the input folder and start auditing, JTS IntelliCAD automatically audits each and every file and fix the errors and save the file safely.

PDF to CAD Drawing Converter:

Here the conversion of drawing which is in PDF file into DWG/ DXF/ DGN file and vice verse is possible.

In JTS IntelliCAD you can import any PDF drawing and Convert it into CAD file without disturbing the original data from the file.

Once it is converted then you do whatever changes and modify the drawing needs. Once done you can save and again convert CAD file to PDF.

Scanned Drawing/ Image to CAD Drawing Converter:

In simple words, conversion of Scanned drawing/ Image to CAD i.e., DWG/ DXF/ DGN file. Which in technical terms known as Raster to Vector conversion.

JTS IntelliCAD has this unique feature too. Where you can convert Scanned Drawing/ image into CAD Drawing.

Here for an example an architect or civil engineer need an already existing house plan as 2D house plan he can just click the image and convert it into CAD file for further use.

Ready to use Blocks/ Templates:

Generally, in Drawing, we use the same type of lines, dimensional line or styles, blocks, etc. any number of times. Similarly, we use them in Best 2D CAD software also so if we have these readily available it would be of great add-on for any CAD software.

JTS IntelliCAD has an add-on which contains more than 5000 blocks/ templates built in, which we can just use without creating every time they need. In this 2D CAD software, we can also create our own add-on which we use frequently.

Just we need to drag and drop them from a drawing and another where it is needed.

Supporting File Formats:

It will be a great option if the 2D CAD software support many file formats not only the regular formats so that just import drawing and start using it in the CAD software.

In this case, JTS IntelliCAD gives a great support for many file formats such as DXF, DWG, DWF, DAE, DWT, DGN, PDF, Word, Excel, BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc., we can just import or export in this file formats.

It supports all the files from R2 to 2018 latest version. In addition to this, we can even customize as per the requirement such as excel, .output, VBA scripting, etc.,

How to Choose Best 2D CAD software?

As there is more increase in demand for Best 2D CAD software in the companies. Even the expectations from the architects, engineers and designers are high because this software reduces there time and increase the output.

Based on this demand there are many software available in the market. Some CAD software from the CAD software list are below:

JTS IntelliCAD:

JTS IntelliCAD uses most latest IntelliCAD engine. This is developed as an exclusive 2D CAD software for user-friendliness. It can support many of file formats and even it can convert from PDF and raster to CAD formats.

It has more than 5000 blocks built in and can also your own block for repeating usage.You can Check our 2D CAD software free Trail


ActCAD uses most latest IntelliCAD engine. This is developed for 2D & 3D CAD software with more flexibility to the user. It can support many of file formats and even it can convert from PDF and raster to CAD formats.

This software has 5000 plus blocks built in and also you can make your own blocks too for frequent use.


AutoCAD is developed by Autodesk for 2D drafting and drawing features. The users can develop site plans, sketch technical drawings and customize templates are available.

Even though it is the most renown brand in the CAD market because of its cost and online customer support it is getting back.


NanoCAD is a industry-standard CAD software that has a variety of APIs and table editor. It deals with both 2D and 3D modeling. Customization is available in many features.


BricsCAD Classic is a 2D CAD drafting software, in it, we can import drawings in DWG file format and can modify them.

A full LISP API can be incorporated for customization and automation for frequently used tasks.

Software/ Comparison

JTS IntelliCAD





Cost effectiveness






User Friendliness






Customer Service












With many developments in the 2D CAD software, the 3D CAD software came into existence. But they have their own complexities. So, as per our need bases, you can select Best 2D CAD software available in the market.

More features in a Best 2D CAD Software:

To be Best 2D CAD software along with the above specification if we have some more additional specs that would be an added advantage and you can go for that software without any doubt. Now we can see some of the additional features in JTS IntelliCAD.

JTS IntelliCAD software is having the option to create and edit tables and perform an action like insert/ delete rows and make a provision to import external CSV to a table and vice verse.

This also has very good print and plot dialog box along with many options. It uses ACIS 3D kernel from 3D Spatial with 3D data.

It also has a tool to create P&ID label text in a standard format with the help of few inputs from the users. Even we can convert units in JTS IntelliCAD by using the tool which is already in add-on menu.

Even JTS IntelliCAD provide costumers with regular updates and maintenance patches in software as it is a regular process to develop software, they even fix bugs and improve the existing codes frequently.

It is also easy to update as it is an automatic process. If any data is in the point cloud, JTS IntelliCAD has a provision to import all the files directly and work. And vice Verse is possible.

Ribbon Style Interface:

Ribbon style interface is present in JTS IntelliCAD along with basic Classic Menu Style. In Ribbon style interface the command group is in a systematic manner in Tabs, unlike drop-down menus.

JTS IntelliCAD explorer is an advanced option in which you can explore layers, blocks, text styles, etc., you can even copy this formats from one drawing to another. You can go with our CAD software free trial.

PDF & DWG underlay tool is an exceptional tool in JTS IntelliCAD in which this files can be inserted in to present drawing, can change the scale of the particular file and even rotation of drawing is possible without disturbing its original link.

Text styles which are also an important feature in Drawings which can be easily accessed in JTS IntelliCAD and this can be easily customized to customer requirement. It even has ARCTEXT which we can for creating and editing curved text.

JTS IntelliCAD also supports more than 15 international languages and many more features which make this software very user-friendly.


Therefore, after this discussion, we got a very clear idea about the Best 2D CAD software and about most of the features which one can expect in it.

Finally, with this idea, we can say that it is not only cost or popularity by which one can select the software. Rather one should go with the user-friendliness and license flexibility along with performance and add-on features should play important role in the selecting the software cad programs, operating systems, advanced cad, 3d printing, 3d design, cad users, free version, software tools & create 2d

Furthermore, we can even go with software which has additional features like supporting various file formats and in which one can customize the programme & script.

Above all, we need good technical support for any software. Hence, with great confidence, we can say that JTS IntelliCAD can fulfill all the requirements of a user. You can try our free 2D CAD Software by clicking below.