7 Shocking Facts About CAD Design Software in 2022

In the era of technology, we make drawings with CAD Design software. CAD is a short form of Computer-aided design. It means the use of a computer for making an A wide range of sectors like mechanical, electrical, civil, architectural etc.

uses it for making drawings. When we are making a design for our work we always need it to be the best in quality. We can only make the best design if we have CAD software which provides excellent quality.

Not only the quality of the software but also the skills of the CAD designer is also important.

Before buying the CAD design software, we should focus on no of parameters. Without proper analysis of the below-mentioned parameters, purchasing the software will be a waste of money.

Parameters which should be considered during the purchase of CAD design software:-

1.Quality of the software:-

The fundamental feature we should check is the design quality. If the design quality of the software is not good, we shouldnt buy it.

The design software should be able to make drawings as per the best qualities possible for the drawing. The most important part of a drawing is the accuracy of the units, layers, surfaces.

If the accuracy of the drawing is not good the production of a company will be affected to a large extent. Also, we should consider several other aspects to make the design beautiful.

2.Excellent support in case of technical issues:-

When we are using CAD Design software, We may face several kinds of issues. Sometimes the software may show issues like hanging and stops automatically.

Sometimes the commands stop working, Some files may not o open properly. For all the above-mentioned issues, we need an excellent technical support team for the proper solution of our issues.

In corporations the most common mode of communication is email. But if the technical team is providing solutions with call, online screen sharing, it is a bonus for us.

3.Hidden prices related to the software:-

When we purchase a CAD Design software, we should be clear about the hidden charges connected to the software. Generally, the company doesn’t mention the other charges when we purchase it.

But after a certain time period, we have to pay the price or else our software stops working. The hidden charges include licensing charges, upgrade charges, charges for technical support.

When we are buying software, we should ask about all these charges, we don’t have to pay later.

Licensing charges are an amount of money, we have to pay at a certain time period for using the license we have purchased.

Upgrade charges are the charges we have to pay for using the upgraded version of the CAD Design we are using.

Technical charges include the amount we have to pay for taking the help of the technical support team in case of any issue happens with the software.

4.Unique features of the software:-

The basic features for CAD design software are the same in all software. At the time of purchasing CAD Design software, our focus must be on unique features of this particular software.

The unique features of the software will JTS IntelliCAD is a CAD design software having unique features like self-license transfer,PDF to DWG converter, Raster to vector converter etc.

The self-license transfer is a very unique feature present in JTS IntelliCAD. It allows you to transfer your license from one system to another system as per your requirement.

With only one license you can use it in different PC at different times. It is not only a saving of money but also a smart way to work with only one license.

PDF to DWG converter feature allows us to convert a PDF file into DWG file with the CAD Design software and make changes in the drawing as per our wish. Later after making changes in the drawing, once again we will be able to convert it into PDF format.

5. Supporting File Formats:-

The basic format of files which can be opened in any system is PDF. The default file format for any CAD Design software is DWG.

We should buy a CAD Design software which can open several kinds of file format like .stl, PDF, .dae etc. If the software we have bought can only open DWG files, we wasted all our money by buying it.

It can convert PDF files to DWG so that we will able to edit the drawing in the files. After editing the files once again, we convert it to the file format as per our wish.

The CAD design software should be able to open file other files.

6.Simple Learning Curve:-

The CAD design software we will purchase in the future should be easy for learning. The commands should be the same as that of other CAD software. The youtube tutorials for major commands should be available.

7.Cost of software:-

After all, we should always care about the cost. Before buying the software we should compare the CAD Design software based on their price also.

If we purchase a CAD Design software at a very low price, but the functions are not good, its a waste of our money.

The comparison among CAD Design software based on price and features they will give us a complete idea about it. So we will not face a lot of difficulties at the time of purchasing the CAD design software.


If we are going to purchase a CAD design software in the future, We must consider the mentioned features. We shouldn’t buy software because it is cheap or buy another software because it has good quality 3d model, tinkercad is a free, design engineers, cad technology, user interface, conceptual design, computer aided design cad, cad cam, offer free, parametric modeling, software tools, software for students and educators, cad systems & 3d cad programs

The requirement of one person varies from another. We must in keep mind about our needs and then buy it. The design quality and features we need, the price we can afford are the factors should be considered.

Keeping all the above-mentioned points in view the JTS IntelliCAD software is an excellent selection. This CAD Design software is available at a very affordable price.

It is easy to use as it has the interface same as that of other CAD Design software. The commands in the software are the same as that of other CAD Design software also.